Asmodeus as illustrated by Nitroplus.

Kanji 肉欲
Rōmaji Nikuyoku
Gender Female
Race Demon
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Green
Height 5'10"
Bust 96 (38)
Waist 64 (25)
Hip 90 (36)

"30 years without a girlfriend? Aahn, I feel shivery after the feast."

Asmodeus is the Demon King of Lust, a demon known for twisting her victims down the path of pleasure.


Asmodeus has short pink hair with two giant horns curling backwards and upwards on both sides of her head. She has a pair of small black wings sprouting from the center of her shoulders, which she can retract to hide, and a knee-length black tail with a heart/spade-shaped tip. She wears an ornate purple-and-black-striped collared shirt with a huge breast window exposing her underboobs, an ornate and elaborate eight-pointed fur-collared butt-length cape tipped with beads at each point, matching-patterned ornate purple-and-black-striped fingerless gloves,, and a side-split micro-mini black-belt-and-skirt with a large ornately engraved buckle. She also wears black horned-toe boots, and black leg bands on her uppermost thigh area.


Asmodeus is the most difficult Demon King to deal with. Though it’s easy to tell at first glance that she’s the one with the relatively most common sense among the seven Demon Kings, the problem is her attitude of “Be sexy anyhow”.

Besides being troublesome, Asmodeus likes to tease for the sake of it, and since she has the hobby of raising the lust of the targets she likes to the maximum and then leaving them unattended, it’s not advisable to easily give in to her allure.


She's a user of a great variety of magic, particilarly air/wind-based, making her one of the strongest Demon Kings. She is also capable of producing pheromones from her body, and summon a lewd, flowery tentacle monster that secretes acid to burn away clothes.


  • Asmodeus's name and character appears to be a reference to Asmodeus, one of the seven Princes of Hell.
  • She was the first character Orchid Seed worked on this line of figures.
  • She and Mammon are the only Demon King's to utilize acidic compounds as weaponry.
  • Interestingly, her American accent and location to where she held dominion (Miami). May be a subtle hint towards the saying 'Oversexed, overpaid and over here'.
  • Asmodeus is Pansexual, which serves only as credit for her dominant sin.


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