Beelzebub as illustrated by Nitroplus.

Kanji 暴食
Rōmaji Bousyoku
Gender Female
Race Demon
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Height 148cm (4'10")
Bust 68cm/60A (27"/28AA)
Waist 55cm (22")
Hip 78cm (31")

"More... meat."

Beelzebub is the Demon King of Gluttony, a demon known for overindulgence.


Beelzebub has a single spiral horn in the middle of her forehead and small black wings sprouting from her shoulders, which she can retract to hide them. She has green eyes and long blue-black hair done in hip-length twintails and chin-length bangs. She wears a silver metal collar around her neck which has a long metal chain leash wrapped around her body all the way to her feet. She also wears a black and green blouse with chest window and green fairy-skirt with a white maid's apron over it, white thigh-high stockings, and matching black-and-green gloves and shoes She is usually shown holding and eating a huge meat drumstick.


Lady Beelzebub is a Demon King that Lady Lucifer keeps like a pet, bdsm-style, as Lucifer is the only being who can give her orders.

If she has interests other than eating, and what abilities she has in the first place, nobody knows it other than Lady Lucifer.


Currently, only Lucifer knows her abilities. Although it's hinted she has quite an impressive stamina, being able to outlast Lucifer in an eating contest before being taken to hospital.


  • Beelzebub's name and character appears to be a reference to Beelzebub , one of the seven Princes of Hell.
  • Her size and physique suggests, that she is among the youngest of the Demon Kings.
  • She and Belphegor are notably the quietest of the Demon Kings.
  • She, Mammon and Belphegor are among the nicest of the Demon Kings. Beelzebub is cute and very sweet when others get to know her, she finds eating a joy instead of a task.
  • Strangely her horn looks exactly like the horns of a Unicorn or Narwhal.
  • She has the smallest bust size out of every character in the series.


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