Satan as Illustrated by Nitroplus.

Kanji 激怒
Rōmaji Gekido
Gender Female
Race Demon
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Purple
Height 6'0"
Bust 90 (36)
Waist 61 (24)
Hip 88 (34)

"Very well. It's war between you and this guardian hag."

Satan is the Demon King of Wrath, known for terrible anger.


Satan has butt-legnth red hair and two long horns on the sides of her head curling toward the center and then pointing straight upwards. She wears a long red flowing cape, a red bra, a red thong panty, ornate red gauntlets, black gloves, ornate black thigh-high high-heeled boots covered by red pieces of armor with black and red metal ankle-wings on the sides of her boots.Her weapon is a huge red spear-axe hybrid that is even taller than her.


Lady Satan is always engaged in an eternal battle against the angel legions, and likes war more than her three meals.

With a personality that gets anxious over the little details, she’s dangerous because she’s always irritated. However, it might be wise not to be hard on her. She has a weakness for cute animals, and is another one that doesn’t have a clear head.


Satan is known for her temperanment, which can be attriubuted and seen in her fighting prowess.


  • Satan's name and character appear to be a reference to Satan, known as the personification of evil in Christianity.
  • Satan's red hair may be a reference to "Fiery Redhead" a common stereotype for red/ginger folk developing short tempers.
  • Her age and appearance is likely a representation of the violent youth culture. Being that younger folk are often stereotyped as quick-tempered and infamous for starting riots and trouble.


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