Five Pledges

Five PledgesEdit

The Five Pledges for the Demon King Worship are:

  • First, if you become a worshipper, you shall enshrine a statue of the evil god in your room
  • Second, in strict secrecy, you shall strive to spread the word to your friends
  • Third, if you commit a sin, you shall confess to the Demon Kings, and accept their words
  • Fourth, if you confess a sin, you shan't cry even if you’re ignored by the Demon Kings
  • Fifth, you shall lead a normal life every day, and not trouble other people


  • It's implied that the "statues of the evil gods" are the figures released by Hobby Japan/Orchid Seed
  • There's a form in the official site to "confess your sins" to the Demon Kings, to which they usually reply

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