Ok, we have been waiting for like 5 or 6 months for the 7 sins anime to come out. Some of the people say it's going to come out in Spring, but no one knows for sure. I don't really want to wait any much longer, but it's for our own good. It might come out on April or May.
The whole characters

Anime video part

Now the only "preview" of the anime is this: The video shows the themem song of the anime which is sang by DenKare. We still don't know the lyrics or the title of the song. It also shows at the end who is working with the anime. KIZAWA studio is working with them. REMIC is producing the anime. Hiraku Kaneko is directing it. Makoto Uezu is writing the scripts for the anime. Now all we have to do is wait forever. ._.

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